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We got quite the show, 270 miles off-shore of Baja, starring Galapagos Sharks and Giant Manta.  Here’s a link to my blog; see photos on our Facebook page.

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  • Thanks a lot for the great diving experience and the aquarium tour, I learned a lot last weekend.  It’s always a pleasure diving with you cause you know so much about the sport and it’s so much fun as well! Have a great day, Martin

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  • Mag Bay Grays
  • 03/02/2017
  • After spending the summer feeding in Alaska, gray whales begin their incredible migration south to winter in Baja California.

    They travel for 2-3 months to reach the warmer southern waters where they will mate and give birth from mid-January to end of March.

    Large numbers of grays congregate in 3 bays along Baja’s west coast Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Laguna San Ignacio and Bahia Magdalena (the southern-most bay). Only a 3 hour drive across the peninsula from La Paz.

    These shallow and highly-salinized bays increase buoyancy for the newborn calves and help keep them warm, despite their lack of protective blubber at birth. As fellow mammals, gray whale calves are born live and nurse their mothers’ milk, which is 50% fat (the gain 60 pounds per day diet!).

    Here, gray whales will sometimes swim near small skiffs and allow themselves to be touched.




    •  Roundtrip transportation from La Paz to Magdalena Bay
    •  Bottled water, traditional Mexican breakfast
    •  2 hours of observation of the gray whales by panga
    •  Seafood lunch with one drink
    •  Departure/Return (approx): 6am-6pm

    Rate: $190 per person  (including 16%tax)

    Contact Kristy to reserve your space:




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