Bro Coz

My brother’s breath rises in bubbles contained by the pressure of two atmospheres.  The smile shown through a mouthful of regulator, the best thing I saw underwater.  That, and more Eagle Rays, more Cozumel catfish, bigger sharks, smaller lionfish, clear clear water, kind people, sunny skies, and delicious food.

A relaxed exhale… and an exhale full of excitement, awe, fresh, new, discovering inner space.  Drifting one-hundred feet apart, I sense how you feel by the look of your bubbles, the shape of your body moving.  The eyes of a new diver, big and bright with the first sight of a shark who turns out to be less frightening, less threatening than a bristle worm, or something clear floating by.  Touching a hawksbill turtle pulling apart a sponge, French angels picking up the pieces.  A moray undulates over the reef with purpose, a spotted eel at night.

Me, I’m just drifting downstream without purpose for fifty minutes of my life.  Just looking, just exhaling, just uplifted by my brother’s bubbles rising.  Family and friends bonded by our choice to spend a week together, on an island, diving into the New Year.




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