Planet Whale Shark

On top of Planet Whale Shark

One could skip across

White paddies

and slide down

Charcoal RibsIMG_0957

There is no sound, no connection

Racing the mass

Inching towards the beast 

Kicking Kicking

An air-check lessens hydrofoil

Pushing to an anal fin the size of me

I migrate out of tail striking distance,

approaching a down-turned pectoral fin

Staring into spots getting tunnel vision.

I notice two longitudinal ridges

Like walking on another Planet

Foreign splotched rough gray landscape

There is the dorsal

Here is the hydrofoil, plane-ride

A moment to catch my breath

And look around

Arch of head fills my peripheral vision.

Mouth like a crescent

Peek over the edge and see

Five Remoras hanging on her lower lip.

Begging for left-overs

Backing off I catch her eye

It’s small, smaller than her palm-sized spots

Concentrated pixels of white on gray

What does she have to see?

Fading away

Splotches flowing in the current

Marshmallow Belly

Scythe sweeping slowly

A planet in orbit

I open my palm and see the size of her white spots. And I smile in the flow.

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