Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island November 2018

Dive Log

Temperature= 70 deg F.

November 20


V50’ D110’

One-spot damsel schooling in the shallows and around the corners.  Damsels are called “Puller”, gropuer are called “rockcod.”  “Kingies” are Yellow-tail jacks (YT).  Lobster-filled cave, black coral tree. Balina Angelfish (Endemic). Galapagos sharks.  Dolphins!  Lots of fish action.


V50’ D90’

Marble ray, YT, Galapagos sharks, Slipper lobster, fusilier and amberjack schools. Bar cod.  Giant Trevally (GT). Schools of black spotted surgeonfish and dark surgeonfish. 

November 21-23


(DATE/SITES MISSING FROM LOG, list of species seen follows)

What a treat to see so much convergent evolution!  Many species look very similar to those I miss in the Channel Islands.  Double-header (Endemic, look just like Sheephead but they are blue), Yellow banded Wirrah (looks just like a Treefish without the lipstick), YT (smaller, more abundant).  Blotched fantail ray (huge!).  Spanish dancers (lots of them!  Dancing in the water column!).  Half bar angle (endemic).  Black nudi. Lord Howe Moray. Purple and orange lacy hydrozoans.  Lord Howe Hydrocoral.  BIG tunicates, white spot nudi “Red netted chromodoris” (lots).  Aggregate of black crinoids (wild!).  The biggest sea hare I’ve ever seen.  Giant Sweetlips.  Giant Angelfish (it was!).  Lionfish, anthias.  Damsel fish called a Banded scaly-fin/Bookfish (guarding the nest just like garibaldi, but not as pretty, their forehead is pocked with tubercles and is rusty colored).  Galapagos sharks (small).  Striped catfish. Pacific rockcod. Thicklip trevally.  Jobfish. Spotted sweetlips.  Stipey (yes, that was it’s name in the book!  Guess what it looked like!), Conspicuous Angelfish (endemic, gorgeous with orange mask and blue eye-ring).  McCullochs Anenomefish (Endemic, on fluorescent orange anemone).  Etheridge’s Sea Carp (looked like a ginormous blenny with it’s full pelvic fins and cirri). 



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