4th July 2019

July 4-8, 2019    

San Clemente    

Bat Ray Cove      Moderate crossing– small craft advisory in Northern Islands. Temp:  68 deg.               Giant Black Sea Bass (early in the season!), Scythe Butterfly (warm water indicator), Soupfin shark, Bat ray

Arch Pinnacle                    Calico, moray, bugs, pyrosomes (“french ticklers”, bioluminescent/fire bodies), spanish shawl, Fungina (named for mushroom/fungi cap shape external shell)

Pyramid Cove                   Black smith schools, Yellow tail, Giant Black Sea Bass

Fish Hook                           Nice Wall.  Giant Black Sea Bass, Guadalupe cardinal fish (warm water indicator species, male with eggs in mouth), Bat Ray, Nice Wall.



Farnsworth         Moderate swell roll.  Current building.     Yellow Zooanthid wall on east side of pinnacle (75-100′), CA scorpionfish, juv. Treefish, spanish shawl, navanax, octopus (Diana saw 3)

Parson’s Rocks                  Nice shallows.  Anchovy, cuda, calico, banded surf perch, pink abalone, black seahares, sea lions, sculpin

Twin Harbor West                          Quickie before the fireworks show.


Santa Barbara   

Dragon’s Ledge  Calm, current building.   Misanchored for cave.  Descent ledge.  WOLF EEL at 54′.  Brittle star carpet.  Small scallops.

Reserve Reef                     Nice wall, beautiful kelp forest.  Sink hole at 40′.  Big male sheephead.  Strawberry anenome, seafans, spiney brittle stars, nudis.

Shag Rock                          Playful sealions, resting bat rays.  Berthella Nudi (name these orange fatties John found under a rock “Bertha”), cabezon.

Elephant Seal Cove                         sea lions, halibut, bat rays, angel sharks.


Santa Cruz       

Diablo Pinnacle  Low viz. Treefish, rockfish, heaps of brittlestars (Capt. Reported none present in March).  Gorgeous sand rose anenome solitary at depth. Cockerell’s dorid.

Hole in the Wall               Big arch. Beautiful colonies of photosynthetic anenomes in the shallows. Nudies, big scallops, anenome, sheephead.

Diablo Anchorage                           Fun circumnav of Diablo Rock.  Sheepcrab, lobster, halibut, sea cucumbers, gopher rockfish


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