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August Southern Islands 2016

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12-15 Aug, 2016 San Clemente     Hammerheads on surface.  70 deg.  Vis 40′.  South end closed. Coral Garden/9 Fathom GBSB.  Agggressive Kelp Bass.  Spanish Shawl, lobster, octo, CA Chromodorid, sea lions. Seal Cove Sea lion, purple sea fans, navanax, lotsa sp. Shawl, boa kelp. Eel Point Giant kelpfish. WSB. YT. Baracuda. Sheephead Swiss Cheese Rainbow scorpionfish,

Packing for Guadalupe

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Required Equipment for Cage Diving Expeditions The cage diving aboard the Solmar V is surface supplied air or Hookah diving. This allows you to be in the cage with the least amount of equipment on your body, providing greater comfort and more space in the cage.  Cage diving is relatively basic in nature and your

La Morena

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La Reina swirls with jacks punctuated by tuna. My buddies and I head toward the cup-coraled canyon, feeling swell. We choose a detour heading due west into the current, finding an isolated pinnacle riddled with crevices. We swim over two morays en route, and I decide to lay down with the third. I waggle my