If you care about quality, the Finstad’s SCUBA certifications are the best deal around. Bill has taught longer and certified more people than anyone in the state. Kristy, also a dive instructor, exudes a contagious enthusiasm for teaching people to breath underwater. With Bill’s background as a former Marine Biology Professor of 18 years combined with his Kristy’s fresh approach to marine conservation, all our dive classes provide a great educational experience for the student. One of the best things about being a diver is the bold interaction with nature, and we hope to pass our knowledge and passion of marine biology and natural science on to the student diver.

We choose to be affiliated with the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) because it allows us to go above the standards and adapt our classes to student skill level. Launched in 1959, NAUI was the second certifying agency worldwide (after a Los Angeles life guard agency), and as a non-profit organization continues to be the best available. With a well respected global reputation, NAUI certifications will allow you to dive anywhere in the world!

  • Low student to instructor ratio
  • Marine biology
  • Experience
  • Accelerated courses available
  • Private instruction available
  • Boat dives included
  • Diving family
  • Travel options

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