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Nitrox Homework

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The Man in the Gray Suit

Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Chondrichthyes Order: Lamniformes Family: Lamnidae Genus: Carcharodon The white shark is a solitary predator that can grow to over 20′ in length, but averages 12-16 feet and weighs about 4000 pounds. Larger great whites have been recorded up to 23′ and other evidence

Just So

Just So Baja November 2014 We did it: we’re camping in the Isla Espiritu Santo Archipelago. I wade into the water for a refreshing dip in the bright turquoise Sea of Cortez, looking forward with a breast-stroke to the mouth of the cove, protected by volcanic walls and stately saguaro. Looking back with a butterfly

Channel Islands Sea Conditions and Weather

Follow these weather links to find out weather and sea conditions in the Channel Islands: Southern California Swell Model Coastal Waters, Santa Barbara Channel to Santa Cruz Island NOAA Southern California Bight Weather Forecast Stormsurf Southern California Swell Forecast Southern California 2-day Forecast

Preparing for a Channel Islands Trip

Channel Islands Tips You can get dive gear, rentals (including tanks and weights) and fishing licenses at the Sea Landing Dive Center right at the dock. Call them early to reserve rentals: (805) 963-3564.  They stay open until midnight. As for hotels, we like the Marina Beach Motel, a couple blocks from the harbor.  With comfy beds,

I Know that I Know, Baja ’13

I Know that I Know La Paz & Cabo Pulmo; Baja 2013 See the shadow and know by the darkness moving over white sand that a tornado is coming.  Jacks like a swarm of bees huddled together moving as one.  Looking into a giant black eye, no, a-thousand eyes.  All of them blank, none of them

Bro Coz

My brother’s breath rises in bubbles contained by the pressure of two atmospheres.  The smile shown through a mouthful of regulator, the best thing I saw underwater.  That, and more Eagle Rays, more Cozumel catfish, bigger sharks, smaller lionfish, clear clear water, kind people, sunny skies, and delicious food. A relaxed exhale… and an exhale

Planet Whale Shark

On top of Planet Whale Shark One could skip across White paddies and slide down Charcoal Ribs There is no sound, no connection Racing the mass Inching towards the beast  Kicking Kicking An air-check lessens hydrofoil Pushing to an anal fin the size of me I migrate out of tail striking distance, approaching a down-turned

Belonging Wild

A pack of bonito splits a mob of gringos – once a curtain drawn across the water column, blocking our view of a pelagic stage—the silver bullets aim and shoot and open the curtain.  We sit in the theatre and watch the wild show. A river of hammerheads flows against the current effortlessly, bodies thick

Kristy’s sililoquy on the Islands…

Wild and windswept and wonderful, each in their own precious way. San Miguel’s nutrient rich habitat supporting carpets of strawberry anemones, and hanging from a single stalk of kelp, hundreds of Lion’s Mane nudibranchs. Vermillion red and China yellow, Lingzilla, Sheephead all fat and ornery. Santa Cruz, painted green, pink and orange and riddled with

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