Dive Logs

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island November 2018 Dive Log Temperature= 70 deg F. November 20 BALLS PYRAMID V50’ D110’ One-spot damsel schooling in the shallows and around the corners.  Damsels are called “Puller”, gropuer are called “rockcod.”  “Kingies” are Yellow-tail jacks (YT).  Lobster-filled cave, black coral tree. Balina Angelfish (Endemic). Galapagos sharks.  Dolphins!  Lots of fish action.

Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea

 Spirit of Freedom 2018 Dive Log Temperature= 80 deg F.  See photos here: Great Barrier Reef Gallery November 12  SAXON REEF Viz 30’  Dep 48’ Surprised how many interesting critters we saw on this crepuscular check-out dive.  White tip reef shark, trevally circling, shag cucumbers, batfish, tridacna (giant clam), blue tunicates (sea squirts), cuddlefish  

Labor Day 2018

See awesome photos from the trip here! September 1, 2018 – Santa Cruz Island Water temp: 70F #1 – Wrench Rock Bat ray, octopus, spanish shawl, sea hare, scallops, navanax, swell shark eggs, scorpion fish, horn shark, lobsters, blue banded goby, christmas tree worms, cochcell’s dorid, mcfarland’s dorid, porter’s chromodorid #2 – Coches Prietos California

4th of July 2018

See awesome photos from the trip here! July 5, 2018 – Catalina Island #1 – Arrow Point Navanax, Mexican Sea Goddess, Garibaldi nest, horned shark, abalone, red sea hare, senorita, kelpfish, sheepshead, calico bass #2 – Ship Rock Horned shark, octopus, lobster, blacksmith #3 – Parson’s Cove Abalone, octopus, blacksmith, anchovies, senoritas July 6, 2018

August Limited Load 2018

August 10, 2018 – Santa Barbara Island #1 – Elephant Seal Cove California chromodorid, moray eel, sea lions, harbor seal, lobster, scallops, black sea hare, bat rays, kelpfish, angel sharks, octopus, leopard shark, horned shark, black sea bass, norris’ top snail, wavy turban snail #2 – Sutil Island Simnia, yellowtail, spanish shawl, moray eel, california

Memorial Day 2018

May 27, 2018 – San Clemente Island Water Temp: 61F #1 – East End Arch Sea lion, tons of fish, moray eel, navanax, giant black sea bass #2 – Sun Point Arch #3 – Pirates Grotto #4 – Fishhook Soupfin shark, huge sea hares, abalone May 28, 2018 – Santa Cruz Island Water Temp: 60F

Cozumel 2017/2018

See awesome photos from the trip here! December 26, 2017 Water Temp: 84F #1 – Paseo De Cedral Huge parrotfish, lots of angelfish, trunkfish. #2 – Paradise Lots of cozumel catfish! December 27, 2017 Water Temp: 84F #1 – Colombia Turtles, garden eels, stingrays, lionfish, blue chromis, conch, parrot fish, gobies, french angel, smooth trunk

Fiji, Nai’a June 2018

Fiji Dive Log Nai’a 2018 Courteously provided by Elizabeth Dahlhoff May 26.  Viti Levu.  Viz 20’.  Check-Out Dive. Samu Reef.  Orbicular damsel (tiny, adorable).  Phyllidia nudi.  Bi-color Goatfish. Hot pink hard corals.   May 27.  Bligh Water.  Rain.  Viz=50’ Vatu-i-Ra.  Pinnacle.  Current.  Super fishy on the windward side, trevally and big-eye jack.  Endemic Yellow damsel. 

Labor Day 2017

September 2, 2017 – Santa Cruz Island Water temp: 64 – 65F #1 – Tiny’s ~ 9:00 AM Spanish Shawl, Porter’s Chromodorid, Yellow Horned Dorid, Scallops, Clown Dorid, One Spot Fringehead, Eel, Navanax, Orange Puffball Sponge,Strawberry Anemones, Horn Sharks, Mimic Dorid, Octopus #2 – Emerald Garden & Caves ~ 1:00 PM Horned Shark, Shrimp, Moray

August Limited Load 2017

August 11, 2017 – Catalina Island Water temp: 65 – 68F #1 – Arrow Cove ~ 9:30 am Bat Ray, Horn Shark, large black sea hares with eggs, Treefish (adult and juvenile), Garibaldi (juvenile), abalone, Yellowtail, smelt, lobster #2 – Indian Rock ~12:00 pm Moray Eels, octopus, Horn Sharks, Leopard Shark, Bat Ray, lobster #3

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