Dive Logs

La Paz Log 2013

DATE     SITE        CONDITIONS      LIFE 11/9/2013            Los Islotes           60′ depth, 60′ viz, 79 deg, mild current.  With calm seas= 60 minute drive.            300 ‘cuda (small) tornadoing at current apex.  Tobies, cortez angels, porcupine puffers, golden grouper (1 in group of 7, large), flower urchin, Crown of Thorns 11/9/2013            Bajito    55′ depth, 70′ viz, 79 deg, stronger

Cozumel Log 2013-14

DATE     SITE        CONDITIONS      LIFE 12/29/2013         Chankanaab       83 deg, 75′viz, no current, sandy bottom check-out dive               3 sea horses, 2 ‘cuda, 2 coz catfish.  Corkscrew anenome with snapping shrimp. Sting ray.  Rainbow parrotfish.  Sailfin blenny.  Channel Cling Crab. Lizardfish.  Red Snapper.  Creolefish. 12/29/2013         Via Blanca           84 deg, 75′viz, no current, sandy bottom check-out dive               1 sea

Cozumel Dive Log (historic)

DIVE SITES Punta Dalila:  Nice reef, large nurse shark, eagle ray, turtle Tormentos:  Snowflake eel, turtle, midnight parrotfish, big lobster and many small lobsters in cave/ledges (one gravid). sea horses, Carla’s least favorite site. Palancar Gardens:  Super funky current (ups downs and outs).  Super steep wall.  Fun swim-thrus.  Nurse shark. Paradise:  Snapping shrimp in corkscrew

Channel Islands, August Limited Load

Southern Channel Islands Limited Load – August 16 – 19, 2013   Friday, August 16 – San Clemente Island Coral Gardens-Fantastic dive with clear water and incredible scenery! Fun site with lots of nooks and crannies, all covered in purple hydracoral, with huge schools of blacksmith over the reef. Lots of scorpionfish and cabezon, with

Channel Islands, 4th of July 2013

A bit of parking drama was worth it to see Santa Barbara’s explosive firework show.  Super calm crossing, dolphin escorts rode our bow in bio-luminescent silhouette.  What a great start to a dive-holiday! San Clemente East End Wall slight current bat ray, sea lion, ocotpus, super buggy, eel, sheephead, stacked green abs, barracuda Bell Cove

Channel Islands, Labor Day 2012

Santa Cruz Island Fry’s Harbor        65 degrees.  20′ viz          Swell sharks and egg cases.  Sea saucers.  Navanax, schooling blacksmith and seniorita.octopus, bat ray.  Festive triton, spanish shawl. Five Stone Grotto            lower viz              hermiscinda, clown hudi, navanax with eggs.  Sunstar, chestnut cowry, sea hare orgy, scallops.  Sheepcrab.  Strawberry anenome.  Purple and red gorgonians.  Juve. Calico. Stacey’s

Channel Islands, August 2012

August 17-20, 2012 Overview:  Warm water, hot weather.  Lots of jumping off the boat and swimming.  Not great visibility, but calm seas.  Fantastic crew. San Clemente Island 70 degrees, 80′ viz! Window Pane                      Net slooped over south rock, 100-150′, needed 3 lift bags.  lobster, garibaldi, halfmoons with senorita cleaning

Taveuni July 2012

Taveuni, Fiji, Garden Island Resort July 14-21, 2012 Owner:  Phil;    Manager:  Shawn;    Dive Shop:  Tawake Servers:  Eta, Tracy, Angela;   Chef:  Ben Dive Masters:  Wani, Weis, Pio, Melania, Captain Ane Visibility:  80-100’;   Temperature:  77-79 F. Weather:  windy first two days.  Cool.   New moon.  Only a few showers. Excursions:  walk to waterslide, ferry pier, mission, see rugby

Channel Islands, July 2012

Beginning of July 2012: San Clemente Island Bill’s Hairy Crack:  Small craft advisory past 2 days, small swell, temp 63, viz 30′ Canyon entrance at 72′, E/W orientation, 30′ wide at mouth narrowing to 10′ wide in shallows– like an underwater gorge.  Crack/swim-thru at entrance on north side.  Black sea bass, 2 juvenile moray, navanax

Channel Islands; Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day 2012 San Clemente Island Gale-force winds past 3 days/following swell. Little Arch:   Viz=30′, temp 58 deg. 7-gill shark!  Leopard sharks, senioritas, male sheep head, turban tops,moray eel, gorgonians.  Enter arch from back-side at ~75′; swim-thru on front side; opens to canyon and mesa under kelp forest; bring flashlight. Sun Point Cathedral:  viz 20′,

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