Black Pearl

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Why We Go

What were we doing with or lives? Dragging your feet is no way to climb a mountain; holding your breath is no way to dive. This boat costs everything we have and more, priceless qualities like security and identity. What draws me here anyway? I’m…

Wishing Well

Last Night in Baja November 15, 2013 The moon is full now. Full of ebb and flow. I felt the warm water wave under me. Floating ears submerged the sound of pebbles rolling over sand, pushed and pulled by the tide under the moon out of Earth’s shadow. Twinkling…


November 10, 2013 Trial run: the Baja-haha rally, 1000 miles in 10 days down the Baja peninsula in a 42’ catamaran. The Question:  Can I live on a cat?  Will I be seasick? The Answer: Yes. The poem I wrote aboard: The spinnaker full…


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