Advanced Classes

Advanced Course Description:
This course is for the certified diver who wants a little more adventure and advanced skills. The course will include boat diving, beach diving, night diving, deep diving, marine life identification, buoyancy control, and advanced navigational skills.  There is no classroom lecture bullshit–we’re in the water or on the boat, doing at least six dives.

See Advanced Reading requirements in the News section of our homepage.  See “Monterey” and “Point Lobos” in the Diving Calendar for more information.

Meet at the K-Dock at 8 am.  Depending on the group, the class will may be completed in one OR two weekends (weather permitting).

Fee: $250.00 per student.  Includes 4 boat dives and Point Lobos reservation.

To register for this course, a deposit of $50.00 is required. Early registration is important because classes generally run full!


Bill Finstad has been a NAUI/YMCA scuba diving instructor for over 30 years with more than 8,000 certifications.  Bill is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara and holds a master’s degree in marine biology.   His daughter Kristy is also a NAUI instructor, with a degree in Aquatic Biology.  In addition, Kristy’s husband Dan hold coast guard captain’s license, allowing us to access the best sites in the Monterey Bay, and beyond!  Together, we combine over fifty years of experience to provide you with superior training.

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