Memorial Day Weekend; Southern Channel Islands

05/24/2019 - 05/27/2019



The boat leaves from Santa Barbara Harbor Friday night at 10 pm, boarding begins at 6pm; returning Memorial Day around 5pm.  We will head for the Southern Channel Islands, arriving at San Clemente Island in the morning.  On the Vision, the flagship of the Truth Aquatics fleet, don’t worry about losing weight, the food is gourmet and it never stops coming!

Owned by the military, there often are no other boats in sight at San Clemente, and the marine terracing is evidence of times long past.  My favorite dive site is East End Wall (Bill’s Hairy Crack a close runner up).  Jumping off the bow and sinking into a school of bat rays under the boat, I’ve yet to reach the end of the gorgonian fanned wall.  The currents strengthen near the point, and I get distracted examining nudibranchs and cracks full of lobster and eels.

Santa Catalina, the dream realized.  Not far from Avalon is the famous Ship Rock (aka Shit Rock), with a memorable dive for every style of diver.  Choose to bubble around in the shallow kelp forest, finding octopus and sea lions; or challenge yourself to circumnavigate the Rock, swimming through schools of blacksmith and flashing mackeral.  There is also a very steep wall that entices the deep diver to exhale down into the quiet, undisturbed depths.

Southern Channel Island trips are enjoyable even for the non-diver.  Opportunities for snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking are plentiful.  You’ll be surprised how the microscope will open your eyes to the tiny creatures you never noticed before.  Under magnification, the colors of a nudibranch amaze, and the branchioles of a sea star intrigue.

See the pictures from previous Southern Island trips in the gallery.  The Sea Landing Dive Center is located within steps from the Truth Aquatic vessels for convenient equipment rental.  See more details at “Preparing for your Channel Islands Trip” on our Currents page.

Package  includes:

  • Breakfasts made to order (ex. breakfast burrito)
  • Scrumptious lunches and dinners (ex. homemade pot pies and BBQ tri tip… let me know if you have dietary needs or are vegetarian…the chefs make great marinated tofu!)
  • Plenty of snacks and desserts (ex. spinach dip, and berry pie)
  • Non-alcoholic beverages (ex. sodas, juices, milk)
  • Unlimited air fills, unlimited diving
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • On-board Naturalist

Optional Add-ons:

  • Nitrox ($6/tank)
  • Kayak ($30/day)
  • Double bunk guarantee ($25/night, limited availability)
  • Spirits (if you’ve got lots, bring a cooler!)

Contact:  Sarah Finstad 408-802-4812,

Payment and Cancellation Policy:  A $300 deposit reserves your space.  Cancellations are subject to a $100 processing fee. Final payment is due one month prior to departure, late payments incur a 3% fee.  No refunds may be processed after this date. Package price is subject to change.

*We now accept all major credit cards, as well as Venmo and PayPal. Credit card payments incur a 3.5% fee.  Price subject to change.

Please make checks payable to:  Worldwide Diving Adventures

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INSURANCE:  Most divers-in-the-know use DAN Dive Accident Insurance.  We also strongly encourage purchasing Divers Alert Network Travel Insurance.  They offer competitive rates, and your money goes to a fantastic program. DAN has helped many of our guests (including ourselves) recoup money for medical expenses and lost dives from even minor maladies; unfortunately, we have also seen a few divers need helicopter rides to a decompression chamber.  Insurance gives you the ability to listen to symptoms which otherwise you might ignore.

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