Why Dive?

All life on our planet revolves around the ocean; whether you live on the coast or in the mountains. Oceans influence our lives through the weather and the air we breath: the oceans scrub carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, currents and upwelling events significantly affect global temperatures.     They provide the basis of life on earth.  70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water–so if you want to really explore our planet, you have to get certified and see whats under the surface!

The diversity that occurs across our planet provides the adventurer plenty of reasons to keep traveling around the world.  Diverse ecosystems support many types of flora and fauna, and it is these interesting creatures and our interaction with them that can be so special.  Diving, whether it is SCUBA or free-diving, gives people the opportunity to seek out these interactions and experience the treats our oceans offer.

Words alone cannot describe the feelings one has while swimming beside a whale shark, hearing a humpback whales song resonate in your chest, seeing sunlight filter amber through the kelp forest.  As a large shark swims by, you have to see it and be with it underwater to make the hair on your neck stands on end; it’s not the same from the surface.  Our passion is the ocean, and we want to help people experience all that our underwater world offers.  Contact the Finstad Family with questions or to sign up for one of our exciting dive trips.

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