Packing for Guadalupe

Required Equipment for Cage Diving Expeditions
The cage diving aboard the Solmar V is surface supplied air or Hookah diving. This allows you to be in the cage with the least amount of equipment on your body, providing greater comfort and more space in the cage.  Cage diving is relatively basic in nature and your equipment needs are very simple. Please follow this list and you will find that your expedition will be one of the most rewarding dive experiences for the least amount of effort.

diver in a shark cage Photos © Kat Fisher

1. A proper fitting wetsuit or dry suit (7mm wetsuit is sufficient)
2. Mask
3. Hood
4. Booties
5. Gloves
6. Mexican visa (purchase at harbor for $27 U.S. cash)
7. National Park fee (purchase onboard for $15 U.S. cash)
8. Passport

Fins, BC’s, regulators, tanks, weight belt or weights.



Ocean Enterprises, a dive shop in San Diego, can deliver rental equipment to the host hotel and pick it up on your return.  Contact them with your needs:
OCEAN ENTERPRISES: 858-565-6054[email protected]

Personal items we recommend:
Cameras, warm jacket, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Feel free to bring your own books, CD’s and DVD’s – we have a collection, but the crew appreciates new entertainment!  The dress is casual: a couple T-shirts and shorts, one pair of pants, a bathing suit and a windbreaker/sweatshirt are all you need.
Although the staterooms are comfortable, there is limited storage space so pack light. We suggest using a soft duffle bag for easy storage (as opposed to a suitcase).

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