Preparing for a Channel Islands trip

Channel Islands Tips

You can get dive gear, rentals and fishing licenses at the Sea Landing right at the dock. Call them early to reserve rentals.  They stay open until midnight.

As for hotels, the Avania Inn, is a relatively inexpensive, clean and modern choice. We’ve also enjoyed the Lavender Inn, both are a couple blocks from the harbor.  And a taxi drive away is a Motel 6.  Best to make reservations soon, if you’re staying over the 4th of July– the SB beach goes OFF!

If you have specific food allergies or are vegan/vegetarian, please let us know so we can inform Truth Aquatics before they do their grocery shopping for the trip. They will gladly make special meals for people with dietary needs.  Kristy always requests fresh fruit and dark chocolate!

The main dive deck offers three toilets and two deck showers for a hot water rinse after the dive. Downstairs, there is a large restroom where you can keep your towel and toiletries on hooks, with sinks and blow-dryers, space for shaving, and 2 private showers.

The bunks have pillows and blankets– a vinyl covered foam mat and a privacy curtain. Most have a reading light and a small shelf. It’s easier to store a duffle bag than a suitcase.  Many people bring their own sleeping bag or sheets for extra comfort.

Get to the harbor early the night of boarding to find parking and unload (there are “wheel barrows” available to move gear).   After setting up my gear and bunk, I like to eat at the Endless Summer Bar and Grille (upstairs) or Brophy Brothers for great clam chowder.

After signing the manifest and waivers in the gally, assemble your BC, regulator and tank in a holder bungeed to the center gear deck; weight belt next to tank.  Fit your  mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gloves, hood, lights and other personal effects (preferrably in a mesh bag) onto the center gear platform. Secured everything for the crossing.  Hang exposure suits in the lazaret (down a ladder at the stern). Bring a personalized hanger (with your name or other identifying feature).  Suits will dry in the laz overnight, and there is a dryer for your towel.

There will be a dive safety briefing the first morning.  Once the boat is anchored, the gates will be open for diving until we decide to leave.  Some want to do 7 dives, some will prefer to do 2 and then sunbathe or read– it’s your vacation!  We typically dive 3 sites per day, plus night anchorages. Coming up from the dive on the swim step, crew will be available to help you remove your fins or heavy gear.

See you on the bottom!

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