Alor, Indonesia

05/27/2023 – 06/06/2023

$2606/$2330 for 10 nights*

Located between Raja Ampat and Komodo, the remote and secluded Alor Archipelago has it all: the marine biodiversity and biomass famous for this area of South East Asia/ Oceania, big pelagics (hammerheads, dolphins, mola mola), incredibly healthy coral reefs and top notch muck diving (rhinopia scorpionfish, hairy frogfish, ghost pipefish, wonderpuss) to add some spice.

We’ll be staying on the island of Pantar, located on the Pantar Strait, which on a larger scale, connects the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Thus it’s a well traveled area for cetaceans and other large critters. The diving, being in the strait where water masses are compressed together, means current. That in turn provides nutrient rich waters supplying the healthy reefs and brings in larger pelagic animals. The islands of the archipelago are volcanic based, and provide a stunning landscape. It’s an uncrowded and unspoiled area, not yet on the mainstream conscious of most divers.

Our group has exclusive acceess to the whole resort and the location provides immediate access to the best reef and wall diving in the region. The house reef is a beautiful wall that, depending upon current, is comprised of about three dive sites and worthy of repeated dives. There are two boats so dive groups will be small and not limited on time. It’s all inclusive, two boat dives per day, unlimited house reef diving, and airport transfers.

*Price is based on double occupancy and subject to change depending on USD to Euro conversion. Deluxe and standard bungalows. Does not include alcohol, nitrox, gratuity, minor miscellaneous costs or airfare.

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