09/02/2023 – 09/16/2023

$6195* Humboldt Explorer Yacht

$1250* Side Trip to Isabela Island

Considered by many to be the best big animal diving in the world, we are headed back to the Galapagos in prime time: whale shark season. Darwin Island, in the north of the archipelago, is probably the best place in the world to have a close up encounter with the largest fish on the planet. And we’re talking the big mama-jama pregnant females, not the little juvenilles you see in La Paz!

Not to be out done by their larger spotted cousins, schools of scalloped hammerheads and rivers of Galapagos sharks will be encountered in numbers so numerous you won’t know which direction to look. Other likely encounters include Galapgos fur seals, spotted eagle rays, red-lipped batfish, silky sharks, dolphins, large tunas, wahoo, and mantas.

On the surface, you’ll see blue footed boobies, frigate birds, endemic finches, marine and land iguanas, & Galapagos tortises. We’ll visit the Darwin Research station and explore the quaint towns of Puerto Ayora and San Cristobal.

Side trip: Visit Isla Isabela, the seahorse shaped island. Hike the volcano Sierra Negra, dive/snorkel/kayak lava tubes, and chillax on the beach or at the chill reggae bar in the small village of Puerto Villamil.park fees, chamber support fees, or other miscellaneous costs. Price is subject to change.

*Price is based on double occupancy and does not include airfare, transit hotels, nitrox, park fees, fuel surcharge, chamber support fees, and other miscellaneous fees. Price is subject to change.