Humpbacks in the Kingdom of Tonga

08/05/2023 – 08/12/2023

There just aren’t words. Kristy tried, in an essay she wrote after swimming with a calf in September 2017 (click for link). You must see it to believe it. We can’t wait to go back to Tonga, and we have scouted out some of the best islands for you to hop-on. See unimaginably bright stars. Rest as only Pacific Islanders can; experience extreme leisure. Experience the immense beauty of simplicity. Most of all, listen to the whales sing, and connect eye to eye with mammals of the ocean-kind.

7 days in the Ha’apai Group

4 days of whale swimming

1 day diving

Transfers and hotel in Nuku’alofa

Approximate Cost $3850 pp

Haa’pai Beach Resort is on Lifuka Island, in the Haa’pai Group, in the Kingdom of Tonga. Please take a gander at the accommodations, knowing this isn’t a luxury resort– in fact, there isn’t even AC! But before discouragement creeps in, read about whale swimming, and you’ll remember why you want to go.


This adventure is currently sold out! Please email Dan ([email protected]) to be put on the wait list.

INSURANCE: Most divers-in-the-know use Divers Alert Network Dive Accident Insurance. We also strongly encourage purchasing DAN Travel Insurance. They offer competitive rates, and your money goes to a fantastic program. DAN has helped many of our guests (including ourselves) recoup money for medical expenses and lost dives from even minor maladies; unfortunately, we have also seen a few divers need helicopter rides to a decompression chamber. Insurance gives you the ability to listen to symptoms which otherwise you might ignore.

Side trip: Fiji, Beqa Lagoon, $1500pp