Kristy Finstad

Kristy Finstad is a NAUI instructor with over 2,000 dives and a degree in Aquatic Biology with honors from UCSB. Kristy’s first dives were under Bill’s arm, breathing from his octopus in the Channel Islands over twenty years ago. She wore her first tank in Cozumel when she was nine. Funded by the National Science Foundation, Kristy spent five months in the Tahitian Islands studying damselfish and corals, and learning to speak Tahitian while diving for black pearls on a remote atoll. She studied Tropical Biology in Costa Rica, where she lived on a farm and spoke Spanish. Kristy worked for the Australian Institute of Marine Science on the Great Barrier Reef while studying Marine Conservation at James Cook University. She makes a living by doing coastal restoration with the California Coastal Commission and by doing hydrology for the City of Santa Cruz. Teaching SCUBA and traveling keeps Kristy alive with her mission to inspire appreciation for our underwater world.

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